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Individual Sponsors

  • Jeffrey Barnouw
  • Art Dimopoulos
  • David Eikenberry
  • Nick Ervin
  • Isabel Fonseca
  • James Jordan
  • Dina and Robert McCabe
  • Eleanor McCombe
  • James and Mary Ottaway
  • Phokion Potamianos and Family
  • Pamela Samuelson and Robert Glushko
  • Lawrence Stack and Loretta Cummings
  • Charles Steinmetz
  • Jennifer and Arthur Stephens
  • Nancy and Robert Stocker
  • Malcolm and Carolyn Wiener
  • Charles K. Williams
  • Scott Workman

Greek Ministry of Culture, Education, and Religious Affairs

  • Lina Mendoni, Minister
  • Eleni Kountouri, Director of Preclassical and Classical Archaeology
  • Evangelia Kehayia-Militsi, Ephor, Kalamata
  • Evangelia Malapani, Curator of Antiquities, Kalamata
  • Demosthenes Kosmopoulos, Curator, Kalamata
  • Stamatis Fritzilas, Division Director, Kalamata

The Guards of the Museum of Chora

  • Giota Kalogeropoulou, head guard
  • Maria Barka
  • Lakis Frangos
  • Kostas Gaitanis
  • Sotiris Kanellopoulos
  • Dimitris Kayias
  • Sofia Mylona
  • Liana Michalopoulou
  • Nikos Yiannopoulos

Institutional Sponsors

American School of Classical Studies at Athens

  • Bonna Wescoat, Director
  • Jenifer Neils, Former Director
  • James C. Wright, Former Director
  • Ioanna Damanaki, Assistant to the Director
  • Tellos Panos, General Manager
  • John Camp, Agora Director
  • Maria Tziotziou, Athenian Agora Excavations, Conservation
  • Takis Karkanas, Wiener Laboratory, Director
  • Dimitris Michalaidis, Wiener Laboratory, Administrator
  • Thomas Brogan, Director
  • Kathy Hall, Conservation

We also gratefully acknowledge the contribution of EDM software designed by Harold L. Dibble and Shannon P. McPherron

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